Today’s interior-system technology lets employers customize and reconfigure their work environments in ways unimaginable in the past. Our team of experts in office-space design, construction, and installation help architects, designers, and employers redefine workspaces – increasing functionality and openness without adding real estate. With an emphasis on green construction, we implement access floors, operable partitions, accordion doors, movable modular walls, and automated glass wall systems to achieve innovative, adaptable, and welcoming environments.


Manual or motorized shade systems will allow you to preserve outside views while maintaining the highest levels of energy efficiency, reducing solar glare, and increasing human comfort. And because window treatments are but one part of our full range of interior system services, you can work with a single trusted vendor instead of hopping among contractors.

Originally relegated to cooling computer rooms, access flooring has increasingly been discovered to be a smart way to design a safe, efficient, flexible environment for any office. Underfloor voids hide electrical and mechanical services from view, creating an aesthetically pleasing workspace. Individual temperature controls available at each workstation assure employee comfort and help maximize energy savings. And better management of power and HVAC is a major factor in achieving LEED certification.

LifeSPACE® and Enclose® modular wall systems can provide you unlimited options and flexibility in design and construction of your work environment. From standard vinyl to custom wood veneers and glazing, walls are built to your exact specification, shipped to your site, and installed with your elected options already factory fabricated. Quiet, fire retardant, and cost effective, modular walls easily accommodate your changing business needs.