At Easley & Rivers, we offer an unparalleled level of knowledge, innovation and high performing solutions for all office environments. We create dynamic work environments that are tailored to your business needs, offering unique solutions to a myriad of industries from financial institutions and corporations to healthcare facilities, universities, and more. We help you convey your desired visual impression, one that will facilitate increased productivity, and inspire workforce and business success.


Our E&R team of professional interior designers are well seasoned in finding exceptional solutions for all types of client needs. From new interior construction decisions and expansion planning to specific add-ons, upgrades, and finishing with the unique accents that make a space distinctively yours — our experts work in close harmony with a broad spectrum of clients and industries to achieve highly functional, engaging environments. All applications are well planned and approved in advance, using cutting-edge technology and in-depth sampling, to ensure expectations are met, and ‘one of a kind’ is achieved within budget.

The integration of casegoods into your overall office design is a critical part of creating a better workspace. Form and function merge to complete an ergonomically sound and aesthetically pleasing environment including shelving, cabinets, consoles…all the organizational tools that will help your business achieve higher productivity while creating a visual image that supports your brand.

Today’s workspace has to be so much more than a chair to sit in and a flat space to type on. The workstation we help design will serve to sharpen individual focus or encourage team interaction. The customized, configurable desks, tables, booths, shared and private spaces we furnish combine striking aesthetics and ergonomic functionality.

There are no more important articles of furniture in an office than the places people sit. Thirty years of ergonomic research combine with artful design in the abundant selection of seating options we provide–something suitable for every body type, every budget, every office design, traditional or modern. Every chair, sofa, bench, and stool we endorse is custom manufactured to suit your comfort and style and to encourage the high performance and job satisfaction of your workforce.

Our Haworth-trained representatives will help you create a compelling office environment right down to the smallest detail: rugs, matts, lighting, CPU holders, height-adjustable workstations, keyboards and all the ancillary ergonomics that keep your employees engaged and productive.

Through our partnership with JANUS et Cie, an industry leader in design-driven outdoor furnishings, we offer a catalog of more than 6,000 distinctive pieces. We bring you beautifully imagined, environmentally conscious, lasting furnishings to complete your outdoor spaces.