We understand that the interior construction work we perform reflects on the general contractors who place their trust in us. Retaining that trust is the key to our continued success. Our powerful approach is unique in the industry, and consolidates project-dedicated and highly skilled estimators, project managers, and craftspeople who excel in each discipline. With these superior resources, we reinforce safety, avoid costly delays, comebacks, missed deadlines, remediation, and liquidated damages, ensuring expectations are consistently met or exceeded.


Consistent performance for 60 years in drywall, wood frame, and metal stud construction has been one of our singular strengths. From high productivity, high output projects to those with the most complex framing detail, we will drive your project to timely completion. With a work force that includes 500 skilled union tradespeople from 50 different locals, we are a trusted single source supplier recognized for keeping the most challenging of interior construction projects on track.

Our team of insulation experts have a deep and up-to-date understanding of the myriad and ever-changing insulation code requirements in all the regions we serve. We will work closely with your design team to create an optimal thermal envelope that will not only keep you code-compliant, but that will yield years of energy savings and environmental benefits.

Our origins as a plastering company have brought us unparalleled expertise in all types of exterior and interior plastering projects. Our knowledge of historical restorations requirements, and skill in using approved materials and techniques, make us the first choice for historic preservation

We do not do just the rough framing but final finishing. While competitors usually specialize in one or the other, we do both, so there is no risk of finger pointing between contractors. When you are able to single-source a project with Easley & Rivers, the job gets done right the first time

Plastering, where our business has its roots, was an ancient way to increase the fire resistance of wooden structures. Whether for renovation or new construction, our superior understanding of complex fire-rating requirements will keep your project code-compliant. Our ongoing investment in advanced wet-spray equipment and longstanding NFPA certification add to your assurance of superior execution.